In her new theme “Fizzy”, V. Clanet invites us to enter a feminineuniverse rich with poetry, sensibility and vivacity.

It’s about young women with large eyes open on the world, curious, vivid, surprised or tender. Their oval faces evoke roundness and maternity, their long fine necks evoke elegance and elevation, their smiles are at the same time shy and optimized, at the same time sober and sensual. And yet, their regard leave place to an inside gush, the impetuosity of youth, an impulse of energy. This is the effervescence of the bubbles of Champaign in a party.

We are proposed regards upon life full of all the emotions from tenderness to passion. This is the gaze on life from a sensitive and vivid artist.

The Sparklings

The Frozen Sparklings

The Golden Sparklings

All Rights Reserved – Véronique Clanet