They have the posture of children receiving communion and the faces of schoolgirls, but do not be deceived: their eyes are those of respectable Lolitas, and their mouths are an invitation to eat the apple.

To be sure, this is not an invitation to debauchery, but the busts created by an artist from the Hautes-Pyrénées, France (she lives in Lahitte-Toupière) have something that could make you want to cast a philanderer’s eye. These resin and terra cotta figurines represent some of those respectable but brazen young women who were part of the accepted standards of the early twentieth century. A sensible neckline and boarding school clothing, but oh, such eyes! Yes, “they are to die for”, as one of Proust’s barons might have said.

Véronique Clanet calls them “Pétillantes” (Engl. Sparkling, bubbly), and they truly are so. They will appear as society women if you haven’t put on your spectacles… but take a closer look, and you might see minxes. Neat and stylish, to be sure, but with an air of mischief about them.

These are the sort of girls who follow their grandmother’s precept: “Make lace, paint watercolours, but do not fool around before taking a husband”.

After that, with those eyes, come what may. “Fair Marchioness, your beautiful eyes make me die of love ».

Jacques Dupeyrat

The Sparklings (Clays) :

The Frozen Sparklings (Clays) :

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