The Artist

Véronique Clanet, an artist life

Member of the prestigious Taylor Foundation and of the Maison des Artists, Véronique Clanet has been exhibiting her work in France and abroad for more than 20 years. Her exhibitions offer visitors a privileged moment in which to discover her tenderness, delicacy and sensitivity.

Véronique is originally from the Ariège but she now lives in Lahitte-Toupière, a small village in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

At 27 years old she enrolled in Tarbes School of Art.

Although her first creations were inspired by Modigliani, she rapidly developed her own style in which depictions of women, the position of the head, expressions on faces and the use of colour are very much to the fore.

In 2001 she created and led “l’Atelier de Véro” (Véro’s workshop) which enabled her to pass on her skills in fine arts to students while continuing to perfect her own artistic knowledge.

After 10 years full of sharing and emotions she decided to once again dedicate herself entirely to her own work, particularly sculpture.

This second period has seen the expression of her sensitivity through the realisation of bronzes such as “Les Femmes Feuilles”. These confirm her mastery of movement through voluptuous and sensual scenes imbued with peace, love and sweetness.

Véronique Clanet, however, found that she needed to go further and broader. Propelled by an overflowing creative ambition she has chosen to work in other forms; with other techniques; and in other materials.

It is natural therefore that she has decided to take up her brushes once again. This return to her sources has brought the affirmation and recognition of her as an artist through the creation of the emblematic “Pétillantes” which, in themselves, symbolise the universe of Véronique Clanet.

Whether on canvas, in resin or in fired clay we are plunged into the universe of the Roaring Twenties. The expressions of these ladies encapsulate a wise a knowing mix of naivety and seduction.

We have here an invitation to discover the works of an artist who knows how to diversify her talent to create personalities and explore characters on particular themes (such as Marianne), all in her own style. Her works have found their way into galleries and other prestigious display areas dedicated to the contemplation of art.

There is nothing left except for you to come and discover these works: to approach them and to listen to them. Without doubt they will carry you away with them and make you want to share the marvellous fairy world of the “Pétillantes”.

Pascal Carabin

A painter, sculptor from the Hautes Pyrénées


Imagine a beautiful village in Hautes-Pyrénées.

A few authentic houses thrown higgledy-piggeldy into a natural landscape which has barely been tamed.

A peace that captivates you over as soon as you reach the first houses.

Away from the stress and distractions of the city, this is where Véronique Clanet has chosen to set up home with her family. Her house is in the typical style of the region and hidden behind a screen of tenderness and love. This ancient building, with its plantlife rooted in the soil, exudes an aura of strength and stability that inspires respect and confidence.

Having been politely invited to visit, I discover somewhere that seems to me to be magical. I am drawn by it. I am attracted by the sincerity of the place and a desire to let myself be overwhelmed by the peace that reigns here.

I enter the garden that surrounds the house. I feel lighter, reassured. I empty myself. What happiness !

What could be more normal than to find an artist here.

A true artist in her emotions, and in the sensitivity of her interpretation.

But also an all-powerful artist who draws her strength from her roots but resolutely looks towards the future.

When I cross the threshold of her studio I find myself in a peculiar universe. I expect to find a  typical artist’s den: untidy, cluttered, smelling of clay, oil, perspiration, cold coffee and tobacco. There is none of that. Instead, everything is perfectly arranged. The ground floor is dedicated to sculpture. The upper floor is a painting studio and showroom. Two spaces dedicated to creativity and the realisation of dreams. Returning to the sculpture studio, I am struck by the amount of natural sunlight that enters everywhere to illuminate this Ali Baba’s cave.

Along the walls there are wooden shelves on which are organised works in progress, moulds, cardboard boxes, plastic bags with mysterious contents, a hat, a stained painter’s apron and, further on, an assortment of other objects. In a corner, a round table and some chairs invite visitors to try some treat or other gracefully offered by the mistress of the place.

In the centre of this room are work tables, some lumps of clay, phantasmal shapes covered with white sheets or plastic sheets, products of sorcery, brushes, oils… all impregnated with a strong smell of intellectual and mystical alchemy. The inspiration of Véronique is here, with us, at the heart of this universe. But where does the inspiration come from for such energetic sweetness? What are its sources?

Véronique evolves in the middle of her universe. I imagine an angel, a sort of ectoplasm, who watches over her children while floating lightly above them. So much softness contained in peaceful strength. A hand of steel in a velvet glove. This duality imbues her works. Approach a canvas or a sculpture and it is this strength that bursts forth. Angel faces made into images by the artist. The “Pétillantes”   They look so pure that they belong in heaven. Such tenderness! Such sensuality! Doe-eyes; a little pointed nose turned decidedly to the sky; lips that ask more of you than merely a compliment. At first sight, the Pétillantes are agreeable, gracious, elegant little ladies. But… don’t be so sure….

I invite you now to begin your visit. Allow yourself to stroll and dream…

Véro, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my feelings.

I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Pierre Lerot